As a kid, I was exposed to a strange corner of the art world - hand painted advertising. I watched my dad climb through the ranks and become a world class ad painter, capable of painting absolutely anything with vibrance and detail. In 2005 we got the chance to travel and paint a 5 story movie ad together in L.A., and I pretty much knew then that this was what I wanted to do for a living. For the next few years I spent the summers doing jobs with him, sometimes even taking a few days off during the school year to complete them. Most of these jobs were under a company in Brooklyn called Colossal Media, a group that grew to be the largest hand-painted ad company in North America. After learning from my father and a great number of highly skilled painters at Colossal, I gained enough skills and experience to begin painting walls by myself. At this point I began painting full-time, pursuing an identity as a mural artist when I wasn’t traveling painting advertisements. Since I mainly paint highly detailed photo-realistic elements in advertising, I tend to lean on that style in my own works. Currently I don’t really have a running theme or “niche” that I paint, instead I prefer to approach each project differently to convey an appropriate message and keep my mind open to new ideas. I’m looking for any projects that give me an opportunity to use my painting skills outside of advertising, so I can broaden my artistic side and grow as an independent artist. My goal is to establish my art enough to exit the world of advertising and become a full time artist.